“The Smallest Things”

In our office, there is a quote on the wall from Winnie the Pooh. The all wise Winnie said “Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart.” Well said, Winnie. Well said. It’s not because those “smallest things” are always perfectly adorable running around with delighted giggles and asking for endless snuggles while watching Sprout. No. It’s more so because of how much these “smallest things” influence so much of what mamas and papas do every single day.

Reminisce, if you will, to the days when….

  • Saturday mornings were never earlier than 10am
  • You used to configure ways to trade out the Disney channel from your cable package
  • The idea of eating after or while changing diapers was 🤮
  • And 🤮 made you throw up
  • You owned a white couch
  • Your dogs had cute little nicknames
  • Your bathtub was surrounded by candles
  • Your closet was color-coordinated
  • You stayed in bed when you were sick
  • Walking into a store with just, well, you!!!

Those days might seem long ago. And, now, well, now….. you might miss quiet, peaceful, candle-lit soaks in the tub, taking a shower longer than three minutes, or a full night’s rest.

But as the mamas and papas, you wouldn’t trade any of it for the life you have with your “smallest things” now. You see, those “smallest things” are brilliant. They got you to give up that leisurely life you so adored. They squirmed their way into your heart so much so that they now “take up the most room in your heart.”