Meet our Trainer!!

Meet our trainer, Nate Green, RBT.  He is something awesome!  He has worked with A Brand New Day since our beginnings.  In fact, he was our second employee!  Nate the Great has moved up the ranks starting as a Behavior Technician and then to a Clinical Assistant and now as our dedicated trainer and developer. 

He oversees and/or trains Psychological/Physical Management Training (PMT), CPR, onboarding trainings, sexual harassment trainings, mandated reporter trainings, and any other trainings we might ever need!  He also goes in home and provides support to our teams in the field, assisting in developing our newer team members.  In fact, if you’re coming in to the company, you are most likely going to get to meet Nate! 

So, who is Nate, you ask? Nate is a sport-loving, adventure-seeking kind of guy. When he isn’t hard at work in trainings or making a difference in our clients’ lives, you can find him coaching a youth football team, listening to music, or trying something new. In fact, some new items on Nate’s bucket list include: skiing/snowboarding for the first time, travelling to the west coast, and taking a ride in a helicopter.

On the professional side of things, Nate started out in a residential role and had never heard of ABA when he was offered a position with A Brand New Day. Since then, he has fallen in love with this field and has worked hard to educate himself on ABA. His eagerness to learn eventually led to him becoming a Registered Behavior Technician (RBT). When asked what his favorite part of the job was, he said there was nothing better than seeing our clients’ progress. He said that watching a client independently accomplish a task for the first time always brings a smile to his face.

During trainings, Nate enjoys getting employees to open up and have fun. He loves hearing their stories and the different backgrounds they come from. Nate’s favorite things about training are seeing employees faces light up when they learn something that will benefit the client they work with, and teaching ways to de-escalate situations using a psychological approach on someone that is aggressive, rather than a physical approach.

With Nate at the forefront, we know our staff is receiving the best of the best training so our clients receive the best of the best services!